Street Art Project
Creations to brighten up our Town in October.
We are asking everyone and anyone to create something in the box above.
We will then laminate as many entries as we can and place them on lampposts and places all around Fleet.
Painting, drawing, photographs, poems, stories,
so long as it does not contain glitter or anything 3D (we have our reasons).

If you put your name, age and where you are from (school / group / road) on it this will appear with your artwork.
So please do not put this if this is an issue for any reason, write it behind the wording at the bottome of the form which will be cut off.
No entries can be returned.
Fleet Arts Festival and its promotors reserves the right to reproduce your artwork in print and online.

Please either download by clicking the image above and Print A3.
Copies from Captured Moment for just 25p each if required.
If your artwork is up to 29cm x 29cm you can attach it to the official sheet.

Please return all entries to Captured Moment, 212 Fleet Road, Fleet, Hampshire. GU51 4BY
by Saturday 22nd September 2018

Sponsored by
Captured Moment
We are looking for sponsors for individual events and activites.
Please get in touch if this is of interest to you.